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Monday Madness 9/15/14

This week’s Monday Madness AAA award winner was discovered because I own a domain name called “boulderhardwoodflooring.com” and I am looking for someone that might be interested in purchasing this domain name from me.

Asinine AdWords Advertiser Award

Asinine AdWords Advertiser award  (aka – AAA award) ASININE –  adjective – “extremely stupid or foolish” Each week I choose the AAA award winner of the week and I report it in my Monday Madness blog posts.  I give the winner a keyword rich back link to their website.  I also email the company and […]

Reach Local – Are they a Scam?

Reach Local Pay Per Click Scam Reach Local is one of the largest Google AdWords re-sellers.  They really like to use this as one of their selling points, but don’t be fooled.  They have an alleged markup (when combined with hidden management fees) of 65%!  This is the largest that I have heard of yet. […]

Dex Media – are they a Scam?

Dex Media Pay Per Click Scam Dex’s Pay Per Click Program (also known as “Guaranteed Actions”) is, in my opinion, the worst of the worst.  They have an alleged 50% markup and their programs (the ones I’ve seen anyways) don’t even lead traffic to your website.  Instead – all clicks go to a horrible landing […]

Hibu Pay Per Click – is it a scam?

Hibu’s Pay Per Click Scam I believe Hibu’s pay per click programs (also known as Web Reach) to be a scam.  Hibu does not divulge their markups (even though Google requires them to do so) and they intentionally withhold important AdWords and Analytics data from their customers – EVEN WHEN THEIR CUSTOMERS REQUEST IT!  Since Hibu […]

Adwords Tip of the week – 9/4/14

Use Negative Keywords to make up for the Advanced Location Setting limitations: An often overlooked setting in Google AdWords is the “Advanced Location Settings”.  This setting can get rather confusing and Google recommends you just leave the setting at the defaults.  If you do this, you will show your ads to “People in, searching for, or […]

Is Hibu Defrauding it’s customers?

I have recently completed a thorough review of a Hibu “WebReach” campaign.  If you are not familiar with the term “WebReach” – it is Hibu’s term for the suite of internet marketing “services” (services is put in quotes because it is my belief that what they provide is anything but a “service”) they offer.   The primary […]

Big AdWords re-sellers set their own rules!

When it comes to re-sellers of Google Adwords, there is a “strict” set of requirements that we have to follow but for some reason (cough, cough – MONEY), it appears as if Google turns a blind eye to the largest of the re-sellers which begs the question “Why”? The first of these “requirements” that Google […]