Intuit DemandForce Review – the worst local marketing ever?

This is my Monday Madness post for 9/22/14.  It’s a day late – sorry about that.  I’ve been really busy.

This weeks AAA award goes to Dr. Pushpinder Kaur – DDS.  Dr Pushpinder is a Dentist in East Windsor, NJ 

Congratulations Dr Pushpinder.  If you are reading this – you are already on the road to turning this around.  Contact Me to claim your prize

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Asinine AdWords – Monday Madness 9.8.14

In this weeks installment of Monday Madness I am going to take a look at a campaign that a VERY Large company here in the Seattle area is running.  Every week, as I look at these AdWords Campaigns, I’m blown away by how much money is being chucked around Google AdWords with very Read more

Monday Madness 9/15/14

This week’s Monday Madness AAA award winner was discovered because I own a domain name called “” and I am looking for someone that might be interested in purchasing this domain name from me.

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Asinine AdWords Advertiser Award

Asinine AdWords Advertiser award  (aka – AAA award)

ASININE –  adjective – “extremely stupid or foolish”

Each week I choose the AAA award winner of the week and I report it in my Monday Madness blog posts.  I give the winner a keyword rich back link to their website.  I also email the company and let them know about the “Award” and what they’ve won.  If they choose to, I will give them a FREE Adwords Account Analysis ($149 value) and FREE AdWords account setup if they choose to switch their AdWords over to me.  It’s the least I can do for featuring them in my blog post.

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