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I give away a lot of very valuable tips and general information about Google AdWords absolutely FREE.  I also gladly let you know about the information that Dex, Reach Local, and Hibu hide from you.  I do not expect anything in return.  You can read through my provided information and never contact me.  That’s ok.  My greatest hope is that whatever you do, you choose to not flush your money down the toilet with wasteful programs from these large pay per click re-sellers.  If after reading through my website you want to contact me to learn more about how it is my pay per click programs absolutely crush those provided by Dex, Reach Local, or Hibu – feel free.  I would be a fool to not at least talk to you.

My stated goals of this website (in order of importance):

  • Educate the small business owner about the ways that large pay per click companies are ripping them off.
  • Help those that are being approached by Dex, Reach Local, or Hibu avoid making a costly mistake.
  • Educate the small business owner as to how they can run a pay per click campaign themselves and save thousands of dollars per year.
  • Acquire new customers

Of course I want new customers out of my hard work putting together all this information in one place, but it’s not my #1 goal.  My #1 goal has always been to help fellow small business owners NOT get ripped off.  Most likely – even if I sat down with you and taught you everything I know about running pay per click campaigns – you would have no interest in the boring work it requires, nor would you have the time.  I know you are busy.  That’s why I work hard to establish a trust between us.  One of the ways I do that is with 100% transparency 100% of the time.  I manage your pay per click account. I don’t set one up in your name then limit your access to it (that’s just one of the things Dex, Reach Local and Hibu do).  It YOUR account, YOUR money – why shouldn’t you have access to ALL THE DATA?

Most small business owners don’t have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to Google AdWords or other forms of internet advertising.  They also don’t have the time to learn.  I believe that this lack of knowledge is being taken advantage of by some of the biggest AdWords re-sellers out there.  It is my hope that the information I provide you on this website, and accompanying blog, will help you avoid making a huge financial mistake.

I have seen (or heard of) markups on clicks as high as 60%.   When you combine this markup with an under funded campaign, you will not get a return on your investment.  Can you afford to flush hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month down the toilet?

The information on this website can save you from paying ridiculous markup fees of 40,50, and even 60%.

A conflict of interest?

I realize that to some, it will look like I am “bashing the competition” in order to get business.  Well the fact is that I AM – although my main motivation is not just to get business.  It’s to help you make an informed decision about your PPC advertising.

Because this allegation surfaces quite a bit – I have created a Bashing the Competition Page. 

I have to pay the bills too

The fact is, that regardless of how much evidence I show someone that proves they are wasting their money with Dex, Hibu, and Reach Local PPC campaigns (especially DEX who is the worst offender of them all) – the vast majority of my visitors will NOT become my clients.  Maintaining this website full of free Google AdWords Information takes a lot of work.  I spend a great deal of time researching companies and compiling information in a manner that makes sense.   However, I have bills to pay too.

A few of the ways I pay the bills:

    • I offer flat rate, Google AdWords account Management with rates as low as 20%
      • With rates this low – you can get up to 40% more clicks for the exact same amount of money you are spending now.
    • The Advertising you see throughout the website and on the blog
      • I let Google Place Ad’s on this website, and they pay me a few pennies each time an add shows, or get’s clicked, so please – if you are interested in a product or service you see advertised on this site, click the ad, and buy it through that click…. it will help me earn a few more pennies. (don’t click the ad just to click it, I can get in trouble for fake clicks).
    • I build and host websites.
    • I offer Google Adwords call tracking
    • I provide all the services in my “Top 8 things every business owner should do, but doesn’t” list
      • Many of these things have a low, one time cost.

The TRUTH is that if you have a PPC campaign being ran by Dex Media, Hibu, or Reach Local – YOU ARE OVERPAYING, and not by just a little – we are talking up to 45% to much!  Check out the blog to learn all the ways you are overpaying.  You could be getting up to 45% more clicks for the same monthly budget, or you could use the savings to invest in other advertising that makes the PPC much more successful.  Things like Online Display with re-marekting- where if a person visits your website, your ad can follow them around for 2 weeks while they surf the web.  We are not talking annoying pop ups – we are talking your business name on websites they are already visiting.  It keeps your name top of mind – so when they are ready to buy, they come back to you.

If you want to know more about the ways you can dramatically increase your R.O.I. from your Google PPC program- or just want a FREE Consultation – get in touch.  I am not a pushy salesman at all, and I am very straight forward and to the point.

Chad Musgrove

Chad Musgrove


My name is Chad Musgrove and I started PPC Truth because I was tired of seeing big businesses take advantage of the small business owners’ lack of knowledge regarding Google PPC programs.

It’s just me, myself, and I running the show here. I will work hard to ensure that you get a positive return on your investment from your website and any internet advertising you choose to do.

Because I work out of my home, I have zero overhead. This means my rates are up to 40% less than the big corporations that some say I am "bashing" on this website / blog.

Give me a call today - My programs are 100% fair and 100% transparent.


I believe in being honest and straight forward with people.  This is the reason why I gave up a $50,000 per year base + commission salary to run my own business.  The companies I have worked for in the past were not following the rules laid out by Google, and they were not being honest with their customers.  Doing things like splashing a call tracking number all over the internet, hiding information from customers, and creating “mirrored” websites without telling their customers were just a few of the tactics they used to keep the small business owner spending money that was not bringing them business.

Having been a small business owner myself, and being the type of person that stands up for what is right, I won’t stand for that, and I damn sure am not going to sell these crappy products.   Pay Per Click Truth was born out of a desire to do the right thing.


I have worked for 2 of my current “competitors” in the past.  The first was “Super Media” (which was purchased by Dex Media in 2014) and the second was “Hibu” (formerly known as Yellowbook.  I have had many friends that worked for Reach Local, so I have very reliable sources of information for the Reach Local products.

Over the years, I have ran several, very successful, Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaigns.  I have also learned what NOT to do, and I bring this information into every campaign I run.


I believe in an honest days work for an honest days pay.  That’s why my prices are more than fair.   It’s also the reason why I have flipped the traditional “the more you buy the cheaper it is” model on it’s head.

What I mean by this is if you want me to run your Google Adwords Campaign and your budget is $500 per month – I will only charge you a 15% management fee.  If you have a $1,000 per month budget – I will charge you 20%.

I know that to some, this is completely bass ackwards, but in the interest of fairness – it’s the most fair thing to do.  Why?  Because I have to work a lot harder on a larger campaign than I do on a smaller campaign.  I do have ways for larger accounts to get discounts.  Simply hire me to do more than just your Adwords campaigns.  I also have expertise in websites, online display campaigns, phone call tracking for adwords and almost anything else you can think of.

Fill out my contact form – let’s talk.  I will be more than fair with you.