Asinine AdWords Advertiser Award

Asinine AdWords Advertiser Award

Asinine AdWords Advertiser award  (aka – AAA award)

ASININE –  adjective – “extremely stupid or foolish”

Each week I choose the AAA award winner of the week and I report it in my Monday Madness blog posts.  I give the winner a keyword rich back link to their website.  I also email the company and let them know about the “Award” and what they’ve won.  If they choose to, I will give them a FREE Adwords Account Analysis ($149 value) and FREE AdWords account setup if they choose to switch their AdWords over to me.  It’s the least I can do for featuring them in my blog post.

I have 3 goals with these posts:

  1. Find the asinine mistakes in these ads / campaigns
  2. Explain why those mistakes are asinine
  3. Provide a learning experience so you can avoid making those same mistakes.

I mean no offense to the business owners whose ads win the AAA award each week.  In most cases they have trusted their AdWords program to a large AdWords re-seller (Dex, Reach Local, or Hibu) that has convinced them that they have a team of Google AdWords “experts” on staff.  The reality is that the teams of “experts” are over worked, under paid employees that went through a crash course in Google AdWords when they were hired.  Even though business owners are responsible for who they chose to do business with, I believe they have been duped when convinced to contract out their PPC management to Dex, Reach Local, or Hibu (referred to as “The big 3”) so the real AAA Awards winners each week are the companies running the PPC program.

If your company has won my AAA award, contact me.  I guarantee you that I can improve the performance of your AdWords campaigns for less than you are paying now  – Chad Musgrove

These companies are anything but “experts”.  They are more focused on making money for themselves than making you money.  Don’t get me wrong – I know that companies have to make a profit – I just don’t think they need to do it by being deceptive with their customers, hiding information, and not following the rules laid out by Google.

In an effort to not have this post digress into yet another post on why you should never hire one of “The Big 3” to manage your Pay Per Click campaigns, I’m going to end this post here.  If you want more details on why to not hire any of these companies please see:

Dex Media – Are they a Scam?

Hibu Pay Per Click – Is it a Scam?


Reach Local – Are they a Scam?


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