Asinine AdWords – Monday Madness 9.8.14

In this weeks installment of Monday Madness I am going to take a look at a campaign that a VERY Large company here in the Seattle area is running.  Every week, as I look at these AdWords Campaigns, I’m blown away by how much money is being chucked around Google AdWords with very little thought put into what happens to my visitor after I get them to my website?  It’s just asinine to me that anyone would pay money for a click, and then not put any thought into how to convert the click after it get’s to your website.

For the last time people – NOT ALL CLICKS ARE EQUAL!  10,000 visitors to your website doesn’t mean squat if none of them picks up the phone and calls you, or fills out your contact form!

It all starts with the build of the website.  What is the goal and how do you accomplish that goal?  You have to look at AdWords Campaigns from the same perspective.  What is the goal of the campaign and how are you going to accomplish that goal?

That leads me to this weeks Asinine AdWords Advertiser award winner.

Congratulations Empire Carpet – you earned the Asinine AdWords Advertiser Award!

For a quick look at why Empire Carpet earned this title this week, check out this quick screen capture I did.

AdWords Mistakes Empire Carpet is Making:

  • Same (or very similar ad) for 2 searches phrases that are COMPLETELY UNRELATED (“Hardwood Flooring Tacoma WA” & “Empire Carpet, Tacoma, WA”)
    • This indicates that they probably have a lot of broad matched keywords
  • Bad use of Ad Extensions
  • No call tracking on the ad
    • For a nominal fee – why would you not want to track the phone calls?
  • Horrible Landing page leading to a “book an appointment page”.  In no way does this page speak to the search term
    • This most likely means that there is an incredibly high bounce rate for all clicks
    • Complete waste of money
    • Even if people are filling out this form (which I highly doubt) after clicking the ad – those individuals are probably existing customer that would have found it anyways!

AdWords Lessons we learned:

  • Minimize use of “broad matched” keywords
  • Write relevant ads
  • Factor monthly call tracking into your AdWords Budget – typically around $25 per month per line.
  • Create relevant landing pages (or at least send traffic to a page on the website that is related to the keyword you are bidding on)

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