I used to have a blog that was number 1 on Google for terms like Reach Local Scam, Supermedia Scam, Dex Scam etc.  When I had this blog, I got accused of “Bashing the competition” to get business, so I’m just going to address that right out of the gate this time.

– Chad Musgrove

Am I bashing the competition to get business? YOU DAMNED RIGHT I AM!

When I see the way companies like DEX Media, HIBU, SuperMedia (now owned by Dex) and Reach Local are ripping off the small business owner, it pisses me off!  I actually care about fellow small business owners.  I am not a giant corporation more concerned with reporting growth to my investors and protecting my revenue at any cost.

Back Story:

In 2004, I owned a business called Expert Satellite.  I started with just me, myself and I and I built it into the 2nd largest authorized DISH Network retailer in the state of Colorado.  I also became and authorized DirecTV retailer and an authorized ADT retailer.  I also did pre-wiring jobs for home theater surround sound systems and did post wire work installing home theater, in wall speakers etc.  I sold plasma tv’s and surround sound systems.

It took a lot of work to get to the point I did.  I had 3 salaried employees, about 10 sales contractors, and 5-7 installation contractors working for me.  I was not rich, but I was doing ok.  I made a really bad advertising decision, based on some bullshit sales pitch, and spent about $30,000 with DEX.  This was a huge investment for me.

I got about $1,500 worth of business from my $30,000 investment.  Am I bitter about that?  Am I seeking revenge on Dex?  ABSOLUTELY NOT! My parents raised me to take responsibility for my own actions, and ultimately, it was my decision to spend that money.

Let the “BASHING” begin:

Today, I am very educated about websites, Google, Google Adwords (Pay Per Click), and other forms of internet advertising.  When I see the shit copmanies like DEX are pulling, (Why I think Dex Media PPC programs are a scam) it really pisses me off!  They are taking people’s money, providing an incredibly subpar product, and ultimately probably putting more small business out of business.  To make matters worse, they are intentionally withholding information from business owners about the Google Pay Per Click product the owner bought.

What does DEX withhold?  Anything that would show you just how poorly your AdWords campaign with them is really performing.  Things like:

(note: Hibu, Reach Local, and most other Google AdWords Re-sellers also withhold this info)

  • Quality Score
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time On Site

They also take things a step further by splashing your call tracking number all over the web and then showing you a report that says you got ______ number of calls from your PPC.  This is just deceptive.  What if those calls were from existing customers?  My guess is that most of them are.  The ones that aren’t are from telemarketers.

All of those things are bad – but the worst thing they do is NOT SENDING PAY PER CLICK TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE!  They send the traffic to one of their crappy little profile pages.

All Dex PPC Campaigns send traffic to a page that looks EXACTLY Like this
All Dex PPC Campaigns send traffic to a page that looks EXACTLY Like this

There is no way that this GARBAGE LANDING PAGE is getting you customers. There are countless studies out there that show that the more clicks someone has to take to find what they are looking for, the less likely they are to become your customer.

The same holds true for Reach Local.  Although Reach Local is not as bad as DEX, they still seem to have a goal of spending your budget every month, with a SECONDARY goal of getting you business from your AD dollars.  They also are deceptive with the stats they show you, they send traffic to a cloned website (bad for you in other ways), and worst of all – their rumored markup is 60%!

Hibu, while not charging as much as Reach Local (allegedly) sends traffic to a cloned website (if you want call tracking), they hide stats from their customers, and their markup is allegedly 40%.

All of these companies are known to broad match keywords.  This is bad because you show up for any use of the keyword.  If you are a Plumber – and “plumbing” is broad matched, your ad shows up when someone searches “plumbing jobs” or “plumbing school”.  This equals lower Click Through Rate, which equals Lower Quality Score, which equals a Higher cost per click.

Broad Matched Keywords + Traffic to landing pages + HUGE MARKUPS =

Zero Return on your investment!

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is this.  My “competition” is providing a sub par product, for a more expensive price.  They are borderline scamming people by withholding valuable stats.  They are violating Googles third party p0licy by not revealing “Actual AdWords Cost” information.

I provide a much better service, for a much lower cost.

I charge 20% of your AdWords budget.  Just on that number alone, if you are currently with DEX, you could expect 30% more clicks for the exact same monthly amount!  That’s not even factoring in that the clicks will be better quality, the traffic will go to YOUR WEBSITE (not the garbage landing page) and you will get a much higher conversion ratio.


Yes I’m bashing them… Yes I will continue to do so (until they change their ways)….and YES, I hope you will become my customer.  If you don’t, that’s fine, but I would advise you to at least stop flushing your money down the toilet with these big companies.