What’s your best day of the week for PPC conversions

What’s your best day of the week for PPC conversions?

It’s a simple question really.  It’s also one that you should be able to answer if you are running ANY kind of Pay Per Click program.  This question is also one that you will never know the answer to if you use Dex, Reach Local, or Hibu to manage your pay per click programs.

Why does it matter?  

I think the easiest way to answer this question is to give you a real world example.  I have a client (that was a former Dex customer) that I am running a ppc campaign for.  This particular client happens to do Septic work.  They have been converting fairly high (from a percentage standpoint), but they are not seeing enough jobs from their monthly budget.  The issue is that they can’t just keep dumping more money into the campaigns (and they shouldn’t have to).  So – my challenge is to get them more clicks that are more likely to convert, at a lower cost per click.  Where do you start?

The first place I went was the dimensions tab in Google AdWords.  This tab allows you to see when your conversions are happening (and more importantly, when they are not).  You can get a lot of GREAT info in this tab.

Here’s a screen shot of the report I used to make my decisions:

day of the week

Does anything stand out in that report?

To make it easier to spot – I sorted the table by the Cost per Conversion Column. Our Cost per conversion (which in this case a conversion is a phone call) on Fridays is 5 times the cost on Monday! Saturday and Sunday don’t look much better either!

So with this campaign – I paused Fri, Sat, and Sunday which will free money up to be spent on the days that convert better! I should be able to get them more clicks Monday – Thursday because I just freed up $600 on low performing days!

If you are using Dex, Hibu, or Reach Local – you will never see this report and you will have ZERO control over your campaigns.

Dex Pay Per Click Review (video)

Dex Pay Per Click review (video)

I’ve decided to do some of these pay per click reviews as videos.  This way I can walk you through exactly what it is I see and hopefull you can learn from them all the reasons why you should NOT hire Dex to run any pay per click campaigns for you.  In this Dex PPC review – I walk you through a local chiropractor that is paying Dex for a “guaranteed actions” program. For those of you that would rather read – a summary appears below the video.


Dex Pay Per Click review

This particular person that is flushing money down the toilet is a chiropractor in Port Orchard, WA.  The really sad part is that Port Orchard is a small(ish) town on the Kitsap Peninsula.  There are not a lot of chiropractors in the area (it’s not saturated like some big cities are).  A deeper look at the competition for the Google landscape reveals that of the chiropractors in that area, there are not really any that are focusing on their internet presence.  I’m telling you this because it means that with a little effort at Local SEO – a chiropractor should be able to easily outrank their competition in a small town like Port Orchard.

In this Dex “guaranteed” actions program we see all the same garbage that I always see with their horrible pay per click campaigns:

  • Bad ad content
  • Showing up for irrelevant searches
  • Showing up in markets you don’t have a chance to gain a new customer from
  • Traffic from the PPC ad going to a Dex Media “enhanced listing” (the same listings that are on their directory site)

And in this case – it get’s worse for this chiropractor because they are also paying for a website from Dex Media.  You can imagine what a quality website that is!  (If I get the time I will do another video in which I review this Dex website and explain exactly why this is also a waste of money.)

The bottom line is that Dex does not manage pay per click programs at all.  These programs have all the signs of a company plugging in a few broad matched keywords, selecting a radius around your city (too large a radius to ensure that you get a ton of impressions) and then never looking at the program again.  This is a complete waste and when combined with their crazy markups (rumored to be around 50%) – there is no way that a customer is getting a positive return on their investment.


If you are wondering – yes, I provide PPC management.  If you want a program that will CRUSH anything Dex has been doing for you.  Get in touch.



Dex Media – are they a Scam?

Dex Media Pay Per Click Scam

Dex’s Pay Per Click Program (also known as “Guaranteed Actions”) is, in my opinion, the worst of the worst.  They have an alleged 50% markup and their programs (the ones I’ve seen anyways) don’t even lead traffic to your website.  Instead – all clicks go to a horrible landing page.  This landing page is so bad, I can almost guarantee you that the bounce rate has to be through the roof.  There is no way that new customers are clicking these ads and then taking a desired action (filling out a form or making a phone call).  These landing pages have a “Visit Website” button – but research has shown, over and over again, that the more clicks someone has to take to find what they are looking for, the less likely they are to contact you.

Add to that the fact that all these clicks (if there are any) from Dex’s landing pages lead to the home page of your website and I can almost guarantee you one of the lowest conversion rates out there for your paid traffic!  These “guaranteed actions” or pay per click programs are a complete waste of money.  If you are paying Dex for any kind of Pay Per Click program, I SUGGEST YOU STOP IMMEDIATELY! 

Is DEX secretly shifting revenue sources from Yellow Pages to Internet Marketing?

I say “secretly” because I suspect that many of Dex’s Pay Per Click customers don’t even know that they are a pay per click customer.  My suspicion stems from the fact that every single DEX PPC client I have run across has AdWords ads that lead to a landing page that looks like this:

All Dex PPC Campaigns send traffic to a page that looks EXACTLY Like this

Every Dex PPC Campaign I’ve seen sends traffic from clicks to a page that looks EXACTLY LIKE THIS!

I don’t mean a few.  I once did a search for “best plumbing, Seattle, WA” and 7 of the 11 ad’s were Dex Ad’s and they all lead to landing pages like this.  I run across these ad’s so often that I can recognize them without even clicking the ad.  I find it hard to believe that so many people would sign up to pay for clicks from Google (at an alleged 50% markup) only to have the clicks go to such a GARBAGE LANDING PAGE.

I have heard of DEX forcing it’s Yellow Page customers to take a PPC Bundle.  They do this by telling Yellowpage customers that if they want to keep their ad at a reduced price – they have to bundle it with PPC.  In other words – if a YellowPages customer wants to stay in the Yellow Pages only – and ditch any internet products with DEX – they will be told that the stand alone price of the Print Ad is 3 times what they can get it for if they “bundle” it with internet.

Dex also does not divulge their markup to their customers (even though Google requires it) and their monthly reports have absolutely no useful information in them.

If you are paying DEX anything for Pay Per Click – Stop Immediately!  You will be glad you did.

Lastly – if you are being forced into a bundle – hold your ground on the print price.  The way the Yellow Page industry is hemorrhaging money – they will not give up the revenue.  Print is still Dex’s bread and butter and will be for the foreseeable future.


Pay Per Click Scams

Hey DEX! Tell me, who is the “Best” Plumber in Seattle?

I’m just payin’ some bills with these ads

According to DEX Media’s website, when you sign up for a Search Engine Marketing program with them you get “A team of certified local search experts to monitor the performance of your campaign and adjust, when necessary, for optimal results.”  After what I discovered yesterday, I wonder if this team of “experts” has taken the year off?  I also wonder exactly what they would consider a “necessary adjustment” to optimize the results?

Yesterday (7/8/14) I was researching a company that I was planning on calling to offer my services to.  They are paying Reach Local to run Pay Per Click ads for them, and since my markup is 40% less than the alleged 60% Reach Local charges (shameless plug), they are a perfect candidate to become one of my customers.

Anyways, I digress.  The company is called “Best Plumbing” (Yep, that’s a free link I just gave them.  It might help their SEO a little but secretly, I’m hoping they have their Google Alerts turned on, they find this link, and they call me.  If you are from Best Plumbing you REALLY should call me).

Best Plumbing is located in Seattle, so I did a search for “best plumbing seattle.”  Here are the results (click to enlarge):


7 (the yellow highlighted ads) out of the 11 available ads are Dex Media customers.

4 of those 7 have the ad headline “Seattle Best Plumber”

Of the 3 remaining – 2 use the headline “Best Plumber” (so 6 out of 7 have “Best Plumber” in the headline)

and 1 is a “Quality Plumber”.

All 7 of these ad’s do something that DEX has been doing for years:  They direct traffic to a horrible “profile page” instead of the customers website (this decreases already pathetic conversion ratio’s even more)

None of these ad’s have compelling content written in them


Why all this is Bad, Bad, BAD for these DEX Customers.

These pathetic excuses for an ad are hurting these customers in many ways.  First, the Click Through Ratio has to be abysmal.  A low Click Through Ratio means that, most likely, the keywords that trigger these ads have an incredibly low quality score.  A low Quality Score means that you have to pay more for your clicks, or that your ad is shown in lower positions.  Second, IF (and that’s a BIG ASS IF) these ad’s get any clicks at all, the conversion ratio of these landing pages has to be pathetic.   There is nothing on these Dex Profile pages that would convince a potential customer of these plumbers to pick up the phone and call.  Lastly, if the customer ever decides to leave Dex – they don’t get any credit for the history of the account (in this case, that’s probably good since Dex is doing such a bad job of managing it).

The problem continued onto page 2, 3 and 4 of the Search Results.  On page 2 there are 5 more customers (who’s ad’s didn’t show on page 1).  On page 3 there are an additional 2 Dex Customers and on page 4 there is a final lonely Dex customer.  By the time I reached page 4, I was tired of looking so I stopped.  That’s a total of  15 Dex customers, for one search phrase, in one city.  Most of them use the headline “Best Plumber” or “Seattle Best Plumber”.  A couple of them use the headline “Quality Plumber”.  None of them has compelling content, and none of them sends traffic to a page on a website that might convert a customer.  In my opinion, this is a con of epic proportions!

Who’s interest does Dex have in mind with campaigns like this?  Where is the “team of certified local search experts to monitor the performance” of these ads?

This type of stuff pisses me off to no end.  Every single one of these customers has been suckered by DEX and is wasting their money with garbage programs like this.   I have also heard rumors that Dex is charging a markup of up to 50% on the clicks.