Dex Pay Per Click Review (video)

Dex Pay Per Click review (video)

I’ve decided to do some of these pay per click reviews as videos.  This way I can walk you through exactly what it is I see and hopefull you can learn from them all the reasons why you should NOT hire Dex to run any pay per click campaigns for you.  In this Dex PPC review – I walk you through a local chiropractor that is paying Dex for a “guaranteed actions” program. For those of you that would rather read – a summary appears below the video.


Dex Pay Per Click review

This particular person that is flushing money down the toilet is a chiropractor in Port Orchard, WA.  The really sad part is that Port Orchard is a small(ish) town on the Kitsap Peninsula.  There are not a lot of chiropractors in the area (it’s not saturated like some big cities are).  A deeper look at the competition for the Google landscape reveals that of the chiropractors in that area, there are not really any that are focusing on their internet presence.  I’m telling you this because it means that with a little effort at Local SEO – a chiropractor should be able to easily outrank their competition in a small town like Port Orchard.

In this Dex “guaranteed” actions program we see all the same garbage that I always see with their horrible pay per click campaigns:

  • Bad ad content
  • Showing up for irrelevant searches
  • Showing up in markets you don’t have a chance to gain a new customer from
  • Traffic from the PPC ad going to a Dex Media “enhanced listing” (the same listings that are on their directory site)

And in this case – it get’s worse for this chiropractor because they are also paying for a website from Dex Media.  You can imagine what a quality website that is!  (If I get the time I will do another video in which I review this Dex website and explain exactly why this is also a waste of money.)

The bottom line is that Dex does not manage pay per click programs at all.  These programs have all the signs of a company plugging in a few broad matched keywords, selecting a radius around your city (too large a radius to ensure that you get a ton of impressions) and then never looking at the program again.  This is a complete waste and when combined with their crazy markups (rumored to be around 50%) – there is no way that a customer is getting a positive return on their investment.


If you are wondering – yes, I provide PPC management.  If you want a program that will CRUSH anything Dex has been doing for you.  Get in touch.



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