Hi, my name is Chad Musgrove. In the past I have worked for 2 very large Google AdWords re-sellers.  I made a lot of money selling Google AdWords programs. Then I learned the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is, companies like Dex, Hibu, & Reach Local are SCAMMING THEIR CUSTOMERS! They hide data, charge ridiculous markups, and in most cases Adwords Campaigns are very underfunded. This combination is deadly for small businesses.

Have a look around.  You will find supporting evidence (with examples) in the blog posts.  You will also find helpful tips, videos, and tutorials for you “do it yourselfers”.

Featured Posts

Hibu Round LogoHibu Pay Per Click SCAM

40% markups, withholding data from customers, and other shortcomings of Hibu’s PPC programs.

Dex Round LogoDex Pay Per Click Scam

50% markups, withholding data, and forcing customers into PPC programs are a few issues I have with DEX

Reach Local Round LogoReach Local Pay Per Click Scam

Up to a 65% markup (including hidden fees). Need I say more. If this allegation is true – it’s the highest I know of.