Intuit DemandForce Review – the worst local marketing ever?

This is my Monday Madness post for 9/22/14.  It’s a day late – sorry about that.  I’ve been really busy.

This weeks AAA award goes to Dr. Pushpinder Kaur – DDS.  Dr Pushpinder is a Dentist in East Windsor, NJ 

Congratulations Dr Pushpinder.  If you are reading this – you are already on the road to turning this around.  Contact Me to claim your prize

Demand Force Local Marketing Program.

Demand Force is a part of Intuit.  The same company that provides the crazy popular (and incredibly good) accounting software “Quickbooks”.  According to DemandForces website – they offer “Local Marketing” that will “reach local consumers with targeted offers”.  What I discovered is so horrible – it can not possibly be fulfilling these promises.

When companies make promises like this – HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

I discovered this weeks AAA Award winner on accident.  I was working on an AdWords program for a client and during my research, I stumbled upon the following ad:

PPC Ad from a Dentist

Google PPC Ad

The search that triggered this ad was “dentist delran, nj”.

This ad is so horrible I had to click on it.  it lead me to the following “website” (I use the term website loosely here).

DemandForce local marketing might actually be worse than Dex!

Did I really just type those words?  I seriosly thought I’d never see the day when I found something that could give Dex a run for it’s money as the worst pay per click ever.

Let’s start with a breakdown of the ad itself:

  • The Headline is HORRIBLE!  The name of the Dentist – seriously.  Unless you have a famous name – don’t use your name!
  • The first line of the ad is also horrible.  Talk about generic.  “general and cosmetic dentist”.  What in this text would compel a prospective customer to click on your ad?
  • The last line of the ad is probably the biggest waste of space in the entire ad.  “Serving Mercer, Middlesex, and Monmouth”.

A quick Google Maps search of the actual address of the dentist office showed me that they are located in East Windsor, NJ.  It turns out that East Windsor is 41 miles from Middlesex!  It is 15 + miles from the other locations.  This is a sure sign of yet another generic ad that has a bunch of keywords loaded on a broad match with a massive radius for the targeting.  There is absolutely no way this ad is generating any revenue.

DemandForce websites are equally horrific!

Let’s imagine for a minute that a potential new patient actually clicks this ad (I can’t imagine why they would), but let’s pretend someone did.  This “website” is so bad, I can’t believe anyone would actually pay money for it.  First – all we have is basic name, address, phone number, and hours of operation.  We also have a giant Google Map!  Where is the “targeted offer”?  I think it’s the lame and very generic coupon below the hours of operation and the gmail address.  Ugghhh!  For the last time BUSINESS OWNERS – get an email that ends with your domain name.  Using gmail, yahoo, or any other free email service makes you look like a cheap skate that cuts corners!  I’m guessing that most likely you do NOT want to send this impression to your potential customers.

Seriously – how do people pay for this crap?  Right below the coupon are ads for other companies!  Don’t even get me started on the lack of even the most basic SEO.  (the title tag for the dentist website is “My Site”).

I could literally go on and on with this one…but I’m going to stop here.

Wait – I almost fogot to mention all the FAKE REVIEWS from “anonymous” users.  EVEN THE GRAMMAR IS BAD IN THESE REVIEWS.

Dr. Pushpinder – I really want to help you out.  Please, give me a call or contact me via the website contact form.  I can, and will, help you out and it will probably cost you less than you are spending now.  If you are serious about having a professional internet presence – you have to call me.

As for Intuit – they should stick to providing accounting software.

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  1. Ghost recon
    Ghost recon says:

    Yes, their reviews are fraudulent, largely or entirely concocted by the business owners themselves.
    Just look up the Skulldugggery, Inc. reviews.
    If you’ve ever seen their products, you would KNOW the reviews are bullshit.


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