Kicking Hibu’s A**, and my clients are loving it!

2 months after taking over a PPC campaign from HIBU, the numbers are even better than they were the 1st month!  If you missed it, check out my last post “What was Hibu spending my clients money on?“.  In that post, I took a look at the #’s after the first month and they were already phenomenal.  That was with the clicks being directed at the exact same website.  Now that I have completed the new website (with better SEO on it), I wanted to look at the single, broad matched keyword “Dentist” and compare the results.  I also took a look at the overall campaign average cost per click (cpc).  As you would expect, with better SEO, the cpc went down even further.  I suspect the reason for this is because the landing pages are even more relevant to the ads.

As you can see – the average cost per click dropped in 100% of the campaigns.  When you narrow it down even further – the CPC dropped for the keyword “dentist” in all but 2 of those campaigns.

The best part is – I’m only getting started.  As I optimize these campaigns over the next few months, the avg cpc will drop even further.

Here are the #’s for the second month:

CampaignKeywordOct cpcNov cpchibu cpcNov CPC Difference (vs. Hibu)

If you are paying Hibu – you may want to seriously consider shopping around.  These programs are incredibly overpriced, and you can definitely do better elsewhere.


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