A lot of my clients become my personal friends.  I have golfed with some, drank beer with others, and even “friended” some on Facebook!

I provide this personal bio for those of you that want to know the type of person you are dealing with.  Odds are – you’ve never met a “salesperson” like me, and you probably never will.  That’s because I have never sold anything with my pocket book in mind.  I could care less what product my old companies put a big commission on, or were pressuring me to sell.  I know – it sounds hard to believe, but one of the things I have learned over the years is that if I do the right thing by my customers, my money will take care of itself.  I’ve also learned that people never mind giving me money to make them money.  A focus on growing your revenues is what will ultimately keep you my customer for a very long time  and in the long run, make me more money than an instant big sale.  My momma didn’t raise no dummy!

Enough “philosophy” – It’s time to meet Chad

That’s me on 7/11/14 about to climb Mount Rainier to Camp Muir (elevation 10,080 feet), with 65 lbs of gear on my back.  I’m a very hard worker, both in my personal life and my professional life.  There is nothing that I can’t accomplish when I set my mind to it.

I like to climb mountains, participate in triathlons, run, swim, cycle, ski, scuba dive, and would call myself an adventurous spirit.  As you might have guessed – these activities are not super cheap – that’s one reason I WORK SO HARD FOR MY CLIENTS.

Doing what’s “right”:

I have always believed in doing the “right” thing, no matter how difficult.  When a cashier gives me an extra dollar by mistake – I always hand it back.

My desire to do the right thing is why I left 2 companies that paid me VERY GOOD MONEY to sell Google Pay Per Click programs.   At the first company (Supermedia), I made over $80,000 my first year.  At the second company (Hibu), I was on target to make about $75,000 my first year.

The problem was, these companies were not delivering the goods.  They also weren’t following the “rules” for Google Adwords re-sellers.  Google requires re-sellers to divulge their markups, but these companies charges crazy markups on clicks and do not tell their customers.  They show customers statistics that make it look like the customers’ money was bringing a positive R.O.I., but hide statistics that prove otherwise.  To me, lying by omission is still a lie.  A half truth is a whole lie.

This is not even close to being in line with my belief in doing the right thing.  I could not bring myself to go out and sell products to small business owners that I knew were a rip off.  That would not be right.

Regardless of how much a company pays me, I will not lie to make money.  I NEVER focus on how much money I can make off my clients. I know that if I do the right thing, my money will take care of itself.  How much I can make off of you is irrelevant.  I focus on giving my clients the biggest bang for their buck.  I know you have a budget, and I know it’s probably not bottomless. If I do what’s right with your advertising dollars and bring you a positive R.O.I., you will be my customer for life.  You will also probably tell a friend or two about me and my services.

How I got so smart:

I guess I was probably born with it – but when it comes to AdWords, I was first introduced to the world of Google Adwords through Idearc Media (who changed their name to SuperMedia, and were later purchased by Dex and the combined company is now called Dex Media.)

Idearc Media was my employer back in 2006.  They were a Yellowpages publisher (Verizon Yellowpages) that decided to jump into the world of internet marketing.  It was a disaster!  I ultimately left this company because they failed customers in the same way that many current PPC companies do (companies I openly criticize on my blog).

Then I taught myself to code websites (I spent many nights up until 1:00 a.m. reading coding tutorials on Google), and went out an acquired a few customers.  I started Pro AD Insight later that year and continued to grow my business.  Many of Pro AD Insight’s customers wanted to run Google Adwords Campaigns so, once again, I spent many nights reading tutorials about Google Adwords and I taught myself how to set them up properly, and run EFFECTIVE ADWORDS CAMPAIGNS.

I coded websites and ran AdWords campaigns out of my living room for the next 2 years.  It was a pretty sweet setup.  I loved my commute.  I didn’t have to worry about medical benefits, because my then wife had medical coverage through her work.  Then she and I got divorced and I was forced to find a “real” job.  I had to go back to “working for the man” because, as I stated in the beginning of this page, I am crazy active and adventurous and I take chances.  It’s only a matter of time until I need to go to the hospital!  A guy like me can’t be uninsured.

My latest job was working for Hibu.  When I first heard about the opportunity to work with Hibu (Yell Global / Yellow Pages publisher) – I was skeptical because I know how bad Dex Media, Reach Local, and Super Media PPC campaigns are.  I decided to give Hibu a shot because I thought “maybe they do it right”.  I was wrong.  They fail their customers in the same ways that Dex and Reach Local do.  They also hide information and tailor the data to represent one thing, when THE TRUTH IS FAR DIFFERENT.

So, I find myself back in business for myself.  I’m back to coding websites and running Google Adwords campaigns for my clients.  I value honesty, integrity, and an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.  I believe in charging fair prices for what I do.  If I can’t help you (because your expectations are unreasonable) – I will tell you rather than con you out of what you can afford.  I’ll shoot straight with you from the beginning and answer your questions.  You will have access to all the same information that I do.

In short – I do all the things those giant companies don’t do, and I DO THEM FOR UP TO 40% LESS than they do.   When you factor in a better setup campaign, higher quality scores (which means lower cost per click), you save even more because your campaign with me will kick the shit out of the one you had with Dex, Hibu, or Reach Local.

Go Ahead – fill out my contact form.  You know you want to.  I look forward to hearing from you, and answering any questions you have.


Chad Musgrove