PPC Call Tracking Companies reviewed.

PPC Call Tracking Companies

There are a lot of companies out there that are offering call tracking services for Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns. In this post, I’m going to review 3 of them I will show you prices, comparisons, and explain the differences (in detail) between these companies. Hopefully this will help you decide on who to use for your call tracking services.

Let’s dive right in. 3 of my favorite (and recommended) call tracking companies are:

  1. Call Tracking Metrics
  2. Log My Calls
  3. If by Phone

Each of these companies offers a great service.  One is not really better than the other as they all have carved out different Niches in the call tracking industry.

PPC Call Tracking Prices:

The first thing we will look at when comparing the call tracking companies is the price.

  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • $29 per month
  • 4.2 cents per minutes
  • Log My Calls
  • $199 per month
  • 1000 minutes included
  • If by Phone
  • $250 per month
  • 1000 minutes included

As you can see – Call Tracking Metrics is the hands down winner if you are just looking at the price.  But sometimes price is not the only thing to consider when you are looking for a company to provide you with pay per click call tracking!

In this case – while Call Tracking Metrics is the lowest price – you also have to pay for each individual number @ a rate of $2.25 per month per line whereas the other companies include up to 10 phone numbers in their packages.

Call Tracking Services Comparison:

Another big difference between these companies are the services that they provide.

Note on 1/17/15 – the rest of this post will be published this week.

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