• Dex Profile Page

  • Reach Local Clone Site

  • Hibu Clone Site

click through the slide show to see examples of the places that you can expect your clicks to go if you hire Dex, Reach Local, or Hibu. 

Explanations are to the right

Did a Dex Media, Reach Local, or Hibu salesperson just walk out of your door after promising you lollipops and rainbows if you signed up with their Pay Per Click program?  Well, you did the right thing by jumping on your computer and searching for “Dex Media reviews”, “Reach Local Reviews”, or “Hibu reviews”.

Dex Profile Page:  That first slide is a sample of a Dex Profile Page.  That is where you will be paying to drive traffic to if you buy a  “bucket of clicks” from them.  It’s tough enough to convert website visitors to customers, and that’s if you have a tip top website.  This garbage profile page will NOT convert visitors to customers.  Even if Dex did NOT have an alleged 50% markup, YOU WOULD BE WASTING YOUR MONEY sending clicks to a garbage page like that.  Do yourself a favor and tell the Dex Salesrep you are NOT interested.

Reach Local Clone Site:  The 2nd slide is an example of a cloned site by Reach Local.  See that “.reachlocal.net” at the end of the domain?  That’s the main domain name – the customers domain at the front is just sub domain they setup to get around the Google rules that state that the “display URL” must match the “destination URL”.  I imagine it’s also because it helps decieve the customers.  Anyways – if you pay Reach Local – not only will you be paying management fees + click markups that are alleged to total about 60% – you will be paying to drive traffic to Reach Locals version of your websit – not your actual site.

Hibu Clone Site:  Much like the Reach Local method of cloning sites the .clickforward.com is a dead giveaway that the click from Google is not being sent to YOUR website.  It is being sent to hibu’s version of your website.  Both Reach Local and hibu clone sites so they can put their own tracking code on the site and replace your phone number with a tracking number.  If you sign up for a hibu PPC campaign, you will be driving traffic to hibu’s website and not yours.

I guarantee you 100% transparency on your campaigns and  I only charge my clients 20% of their actual spend.  Contact me today to find out all the other ways that campaigns I run will destroy anything Reach Local, Dex, or Hibu can ever run.

Other Ways Dex, Reach Local, and Hibu PPC programs are a waste of money

#1: Their Markups – you’ll have to sort of trust me on this, because a Google Search for “Dex Markup on clicks”, “Reach Local Markup on clicks”, or “Hibu Markup on clicks” will not reveal an official answer from any of the companies.  If you ask the reps – they won’t know because the companies guard this information.  If you call the companies – you will not be able to  find out.  The “alleged” markups are as follows:

  •  Hibu Click Markup: 40%
  • Dex Media Click Markup: 50%
  • Reach Local Click Markup: 60% (includes the management fee)

#2:  Their lack of transparency – all 3 of these companies will use the word transparent in their pitch to you and in a way, they are telling the truth.  They will be transparent with the data they choose to show you.  They are anything but transparent with data.  You will not have access to valuable information like Bounce Rate, Time on Site and others but probaby most importantly they will NOT let you see the QUALITY SCORE on your ads!  If they do as good of a job as they say – they should show Quality Score for every Keyword.  What you will get is a very watered down report showing clicks, calls,  and forms.  You will also get your “top performing” keywords list (which is based on clicks alone)…they won’t show you the match type (broad, exact, or phrase) and they definitely will not show you all the keywords they are running (which is done to ensure you spend your entire budget every month).

#3:  Lack of ability to Pause your Campaigns – One of the huge advantages to Google AdWords Pay Per Click programs is that with a click of a button, you can pause your campaign.  With another click – it can be started again.  This means that if you have a month where you are slammed with work and you don’t want any more, you could pause your campaign.  NOT WITH Dex, Hibu, or Reach Local.  Especially if you are in the middle of a contract.  You will spend every penny you agreed to, every single month (also another red flag).

#4: Lack of control over where your ad is shown – I listed this again because I wanted to specifically address lack of control over where your ad’s show.  These companies will most likely run your campaign on Google AND the Google Display Network.  They will splash your add (and it’s tracking number) all over the internet in an attempt to inflate the number of calls it appears you are getting.  Normally not a bad thing to get more calls, but showing ad’s in irrelevant markets on sub par websites does NOT help you at all.  Also – if Google doesn’t have enough traffic – they will put the ad on Yahoo and Bing.

#5: Lack of control over keywords – unless you are a BIG Advertiser with one of these companies, and you get a dedicated analyst, you will not be able to stop certain keywords.  There are a lot of reasons why you would want to stop certain keywords – not having the power to do so is ludicrous.

#6:  Not your Account:  This will not be YOUR AdWords Account.  It will be their account with your name on it.  If you have an AdWords account, you can authorize anyone to have access to it.  It’s pretty easy to do.  In theory, these companies could authorize you to have access to the AdWords account they are managing for you, but that would give you access to ALL THE DATA and they don’t want you to have that.  Knowledge is power.  Why on earth anyone would pay someone to manage THEIR account, but then not have access to that same account is beyond me.

These are just some of the ways that Dex, Hibu, and Reach Local fail their customers.  If you want an honest quote, and a straight forward explanation of how Google AdWords works in the real world – contact me today.  I will be happy to answer your questions and give you a fair quote.  (hint – my price is a flat 20% of your actual spend, you can pause your campaigns, you see what I see in the reports.)