What’s your best day of the week for PPC conversions

What’s your best day of the week for PPC conversions?

It’s a simple question really.  It’s also one that you should be able to answer if you are running ANY kind of Pay Per Click program.  This question is also one that you will never know the answer to if you use Dex, Reach Local, or Hibu to manage your pay per click programs.

Why does it matter?  

I think the easiest way to answer this question is to give you a real world example.  I have a client (that was a former Dex customer) that I am running a ppc campaign for.  This particular client happens to do Septic work.  They have been converting fairly high (from a percentage standpoint), but they are not seeing enough jobs from their monthly budget.  The issue is that they can’t just keep dumping more money into the campaigns (and they shouldn’t have to).  So – my challenge is to get them more clicks that are more likely to convert, at a lower cost per click.  Where do you start?

The first place I went was the dimensions tab in Google AdWords.  This tab allows you to see when your conversions are happening (and more importantly, when they are not).  You can get a lot of GREAT info in this tab.

Here’s a screen shot of the report I used to make my decisions:

day of the week

Does anything stand out in that report?

To make it easier to spot – I sorted the table by the Cost per Conversion Column. Our Cost per conversion (which in this case a conversion is a phone call) on Fridays is 5 times the cost on Monday! Saturday and Sunday don’t look much better either!

So with this campaign – I paused Fri, Sat, and Sunday which will free money up to be spent on the days that convert better! I should be able to get them more clicks Monday – Thursday because I just freed up $600 on low performing days!

If you are using Dex, Hibu, or Reach Local – you will never see this report and you will have ZERO control over your campaigns.

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